When Instagram changed its algorithm on the home screen and posts stopped showing chronologically in feeds.

This produced endless complaints and protests from companies and users, who found it much more difficult to reach their audience with the publications, reducing their reach and the business model they were used to.

Until now, many still do not understand what happened.

So that you know how to handle your next posts on Instagram and you can reach that audience you want, we have prepared this post.

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What are the Instagram algorithms?

For many, the Instagram algorithm that affects the news feed is the only or the most important, and it may be the most important, but not the only one.

There are others that we must analyze in order to develop a formula that allows us to take full advantage of the social network platform.

On Instagram, the priority that publications have for the rest of the users of the social network is currently determined by three main algorithms:

  • Instagram EdgeRank algorithm.
  • Stories Relevance – Instagram algorithm.
  • Hashtag Search – Instagram algorithm.

And as if that were not enough, there are two more algorithms that were added since 2017, which, although they are not of great importance or can affect the reach of the publications of any account on Instagram, it is worth mentioning them and talking a little about them :

Instagram Hashtag Follow Algorithm:

The Hashtag Follow Instagram algorithm kicks in on the platform when a user follows a hashtag and plays an important role in determining which posts to show them.

Instagram Places algorithm:

The Instagram Places algorithm determines which posts are prioritized based on the location or locations displayed in both normal posts and user stories.

How does the Instagram algorithm work?

Actually, there are three Instagram algorithms, the one for the positioning of the publications in the feeds, the stories, and the hashtags.

They work almost independently, but even though they are in different sectors of the platform, they have a certain relationship.

For example, the Instagram EdgeRank algorithm (which is responsible for controlling and positioning the posts in the feeds of each and every user) indirectly influences the variables that define the results in the Instagram Stories Relevance algorithm.

How does the Instagram EdgeRank algorithm influence Stories Relevance results?

This interaction between the named Instagram algorithms can be explained briefly. The position of the stories on the home screen depends on several factors, one of them is the interaction with the posts of other accounts and most of the interactions happen in the feed that is controlled by the EdgeRank algorithm.

Thus and in the same way, the Instagram Hashtag Search algorithm can make a publication with good use of hashtags increase interactions with other users, which would improve its position in the EdgeRank algorithm.

Without a doubt, the three algorithms are autonomous, but they complement each other to obtain a more complete and personalized final result for all users of the social network.

Instagram Stories algorithm:

This algorithm, better known as the Instagram Stories Relevance algorithm, is the answer to these questions:

Who decides which stories should be seen first? Who or who decides how long the stories are seen? Who takes into account the interactions of my account to give me a priority in the stories section of other users?

That’s right, this algorithm fulfills the function of determining the priority of our stories for the users who follow us. The aspects that it takes into account are directly related to the interaction that occurs in our account:

  • The number of people who show that they like the posts we upload.
  • The number of private messages we receive.
  • The times that we are wanted.
  • Nearby people who follow us.

Other variables that come into play when it comes to giving us some kind of priority are: the viewing time that each story lasts, the number of views it gets, and the number of private messages it generates.



We finally got to the most important thing, so surely you were wondering and wanted or needed to know, how to beat the Instagram algorithm? Sure, now you wonder, which of the Instagram algorithms? It is true, we mention three important ones.

And to clarify a bit, we now turn to the EdgeRank algorithm. The main one of all because it alters the results presented by the other two and because it is the most relevant in the social network for users.

To beat this Instagram algorithm I will give you nine strategies and tactics that are easy to understand and apply. With them, you can beat the system to increase your reach in each of your publications.

9 strategies to beat the Instagram algorithm:

1. Improve the quality of images:

According to information provided by the same company, Instagram gives the highest rankings in feeds depending largely on the quality of the content.

They must be creations made with the greatest possible care and, at the same time, attractive; It is something that could be a bit obvious. Of course, quality is useless if the content is not good, as it loses its potential without good image quality, they go hand in hand, and only then can they occupy the first places in the feeds.

The contents that are liked the most and are usually shared on Instagram are the visually striking ones. Breathtaking scenery, vivid colors, good looks, and delicious-looking foods are the kind of posts most people generally get a “like” for.

So if you already have time to create quality and eye-catching content, you are above average and have more opportunities than the other 600 million Instagram users.

And if this is not the case for you, then it is time for you to start creating posts with professional or high-resolution images more often. Since no matter what market your business focuses on (if it is boring or lacking in flashy activities), images with good quality earn more than those that do not.

There are many, many applications to improve or personalize your images on Instagram, take advantage of them.

2. Keep uploading consistent stories on a recurring basis:

Many say and assure that the stories do not influence in any way the algorithm of Instagram EdgeRank, something that may be true. The stories do not affect it directly, but what many ignore is that it does so indirectly.

Should you bother and post more stories? Yes, if you want to improve your results with the EdgeRank algorithm.

Although most should assume it, it is important to mention that to this day, stories have become the most popular type of content on Instagram. There are already more than 500 million users who daily upload stories to their accounts, leaving traditional publications a little behind.

So more stories, less traditional posts? And if you better wonder why not both at the same time.

Stories are a way to stay active without the commitment of traditional publications. They attract the audience, you continue to teach them what you have to offer on a more recurring basis and it places you in an important part of the feed.

In short, using stories will keep us more exposed and visible.

If what we offer in them is attractive enough, hopefully, they will enter our profile and interact with one of the publications and help us to beat the algorithm of Instagram EdgeRank.

3. Post more content with videos:

There is nothing to certify or assure that videos have a higher priority than photos. The people of Instagram have never mentioned anything about it, which could lead us to the conclusion that both formats have the same importance within the platform.

So why more videos on Instagram?

The question is valid. However, let’s get into the subject further to understand why posting more videos is an excellent and interesting proposition.

In some paragraphs above we talked about creating quality content, eye-catching, that generated interest in users, which is related to videos. These are automatically reproduced in the feeds of our followers. Are you following me? Not yet?

What better way to capture someone’s attention than with a captivating video? These are magnets for users to stop and just stare and wait for something to surprise them.

With such action, a reproduction is generated and information is given to the algorithm that our publications capture interest.

Instagram has been working a lot on the idea of ​​promoting its users to create and share more videos.

That has been the reason why they added IGTV for longer videos and also put the option that they could be seen in the feeds.

To finish this point, the videos do not need to be Hollywood creations. They should only be purposeful, attractive, and decently crafted. Covering those details is likely to generate significant activity on your profile.

4. Do more live sessions:

It is a modality that not everyone dares to use, as it can be intimidating due to the fact that you will be showing yourself live to many strangers.

However, despite the fact that like stories, live videos do not have a direct or specific relationship with the Instagram EdgeRank algorithm, it is worth mentioning and proposing it as one more method.

When using Instagram Live, notifications are generated to all your followers, who tend to arouse curiosity among them, which will make you more visible for a while. Live video doesn’t need polished, professional content (depending on what you plan to do in it).

Content that is fun, interesting, or beneficial to users (such as announcing sweepstakes in which you invite them to interact in a publication in exchange for a prize) is more than enough. It is an option that you definitely have to contemplate and materialize, without any doubt.

5. Create more attractive titles for your publications:

That means that each “Like” and each comment are very important variables that will affect our place in the feeds of the people who follow us. So directly encouraging and motivating users to interact on posts is a must if we want to stand out and gain more followers for our accounts to grow.

Doing it is quite simple, it does not require more than a little creativity and sympathy. Tag people, place questions that generate answers at the bottom of the posts, answer those who comment. Go from the medium you have and get more interactions.

It is important to mention that you should not apply the same methodology for all publications. It is always good to maintain a healthy balance. If the content design is a stone in your shoe, take a look at how to create the best social media content plan.

6. Run contests or sweepstakes:

I had already mentioned it before and it is better to delve into it a little to understand the relevance of this strategy that, every day, becomes more popular among Instagram users.

Many companies, influencers, and brands have understood this a long time ago. Running contests is one of the best ways to gain interactions and followers that guarantee a good advantage against the Instagram EdgeRank algorithm.

There is not much to say about these contests. The way to do them depends on each one because there are no exact rules. My only advice is that you see some examples from other contests and understand something about the rules that Instagram has when doing these activities.

7. Use the powerful resource of hashtags:

This is one of the most useful and simple resources to use on social media. They are a marvel to attract users of all kinds and who did not even follow us.

This strategy of including hashtags in the content of our publications guarantees that we can be searched and found through this popular medium.

Combining with the hashtags a product, the community, keywords, and brands, we make a recipe that will be available to many users who, otherwise, would not see us.

To clarify a bit, there are no limits to how many hashtags you can put in a post (the maximum number of characters, of course), but it is recommended that they are not too many.

We have concluded that the appropriate amount is 9 hashtags per post, although there are brands that place more than 15 and do well. The ideal is to place the most specific ones about what we show or offer in the publication.

8. Try to post during peak hours:

An obvious fact? However, there are many people who do not take it into account when uploading their publications and put them up at dawn or very early in the morning.

Many agree that this is the best and most straightforward way to beat Instagram’s algorithm, simple, post during peak hours. While this doesn’t guarantee an overwhelming amount of activity from your followers, doing so greatly improves the odds rather than when they are sleeping.

The activity of the followers of each account is different, but most of it is always concentrated in the peak hours. Start doing it and it is certain that you will notice, even if it is a small improvement.

9. Post, post and post more!

Yes, post more. Do not be afraid, that nothing stops you from increasing the frequency with which you upload material to Instagram.

Doing so will give you greater relevance and notoriety among the followers of your account. It will allow you to experiment and evaluate which content is the most-liked and causes interactions. It will teach you more about the audience you want to reach.

I hope by this detailed post, you will understand HOW TO BEAT THE 2021 INSTAGRAM ALGORITHM.

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