China Is Investing in Pakistan’s Infrastructure

China Is Investing in Pakistan’s Infrastructure. Lahore China offered Pakistan a mega project worth 15 15 billion. According to the details, Zand has invested 60 60 billion in Pakistan under C-Pack Since then, China has begun investing billions more in Pakistan.

China Is Investing in Pakistan’s Infrastructure

China Is Investing in Pakistan's Infrastructure

It has been reported that this time the private sector of PAN is also showing huge investment in Pakistan. According to sources, some penny companies want to do government work in Pakistan’s energy sector.

Prospective penny companies affiliated with the energy sector Have expressed interest in building Pakistan’s largest oil refinery. Chinese companies are ready to jointly invest 15 15 billion to build Pakistan’s largest refinery.

Two Chinese companies seeking to invest in Pakistan’s energy sector have been named, one named Padolyum Pipeline Engineering Company and the other named Hua Import and Export Corporation.
Is. It was further stated that the said Chinese companies have offered to build a Renaissance at a cost of 15 15 billion over a period of 4 years, this refinery C-Pack.

Can be built anywhere in the Special Economic Zones to be established under However, the government of Pakistan regarding the offer of penny companies. No response has been received from It should be noted that 2 years ago, Saudi Arabia had also announced to build an oil refinery in the coastal city of Gwadar, Pakistan at a cost of more than 12  billion.

Despite the passage of more than a year, the construction of a Reina Nari project announced by the Saudi Crown Prince has begun.

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